What AI has learned to do by 2017

Match humans in conversational speech recognition

Beat the Go game champion

Drive a car

Translate texts

Transform your photos and videos into works of art using the styles of famous artists (Prisma, Artisto, Deepart)

Recognize a common form of eye disease

Sharp images

Guess what you’re drawing

Generate logos for companies

Chat with customers for support service

Beat tactical experts in combat simulation

Clean up and centralize company's data

Find the genre of a song

Write a fiction story or a screenplay

Detect different types of inappropriate content in photos and videos

Predict judicial decisions of the European Court of Human Rights

Find content by visual similarity

Keep cats from pooping on lawn

Analyse satellite images to make economic predictions

Sort cucumbers

Extract insights from the internal company data


Create the map of sounds

Predict the online shoppers behaviour

Generate the next few frames of a story based on just one image

Detect people, brands and individual objects in images and videos

Compress images more efficiently

Extract text from images

Allow to buy goods with no line or checkouts

Analyze emotions of people in your images

Cut electricity bill

Get insights sales calls and other interactions with customers

Synthesize speech which mimics any human voice

Make music based on the taken picture

Predict flavor of food and beverages

Invent own cryptographic algorithm

Provide personalized recommendations

Detect shoplifters

Prevent financial fraud

Hide screen when your boss is approaching